In a couple of weeks, viewers and fans of Netflix's political drama web television series, "House Of Cards" is going to see it return for its fifth season. There were already different speculations and updates appearing online for the upcoming season right after the show ended its previous season last year. The series is also reported as one of the most anticipated to return on TV.

It has been a year since fans have seen "House Of Cards" on the small screens. The previous season finale aired last year showed cliffhanger events that fans would like for the upcoming season to answer. It can be recalled that the hostage crisis continued to plague over the country, while Kevin Spacey's character, United States President Frank Underwood assured his people that everything was going to be alright.

He can also be seen on the previous finale of "House Of Cards" with his wife, Robin Wright's character, Claire Underwood, where they were on the White House's situation room as they witness the live video of the terrorist attack. It has been hugely speculated that Frank might face a big trouble once the series returns next year, and his position as president to be replaced by his wife.

However, according to Express UK, Frank will reportedly make sure that he stays in power on the upcoming season of "House Of Cards." It was previously rumored that he might not be able to continue his service as the leader of the country and his wife to continue what he started. Despite the situation, Frank's never-ending problems will be made sure to be taken cared of, including the recent terrorist attack and this will be one of those scenes that fans should not be missing out.

Meanwhile, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the upcoming fifth season of "House Of Cards" might reportedly be the last one for the series. As it can be remembered, there has been some changes in the production for the series because a former showrunner stepped down last year, which also caused its delay of airing. As per the source, this might be the reason why it has been hugely speculated that season 5 will be the series' last.