Exciting and thrilling events are set to be witnessed by fans as ABC's daytime medical drama soap opera, "General Hospital" sets to air new episodes before the weekend. The different characters from the soap continue to tackle challenges and trials they encounter every day in their lives.

On the previous episodes of "General Hospital" aired on the last couple of days, it featured Billy Miller's character, Jason Morgan, who continued to worry about his son. Jake (Hudson West) has been acting strange since his trip to the Cassadines. Now that it has been confirmed that Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) was the one responsible for what happened to Jake and Jason is expected to do his best to protect his son by any means.

It can be remembered that Helena did the same tactics before with the other characters of "General Hospital" even with someone related to her. But according to Soap Hub, Jason will remind himself that his family is the most important thing in his life, and he won't allow any of Helena's actions to ruin what's precious for him. His former lover, Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) told him that their son might be in trouble and might need professional help, so Jason turned to his present wife Sam Morgan to seek advice.

The source also reported that on "General Hospital", Elizabeth will also turn to someone to also ask an advice about the current situation with her son. Unexpectedly, the one she will be seeking advice from is Hayley Erin's character, waitress Kiki Jerome. It can be remembered that Kiki was the one who convinced Liz that she should hold custody of their son, not Jason.

TV Overmind also reported that someone evil will be back on "General Hospital" to spread more wickedness on her chosen victims. This character will be Finola Hughes' character, Dr. Alex Devane, the twin sister of Anna Devane. Alex is the one who has been doing all of Anna's dirty works for her and it was even revealed that during times people thought it was Anna they are interacting with, it was actually Alex pretending to be her.