Tamar Braxton reveals the heartbreaking news of her miscarriage to Toni Braxton in tonight's episode of Braxton Family Values.

Tamar finally comes clean to her sister about the tragic incident on the next Braxton Family Values, and Toni has mixed emotions.

"You know, I didn't tell nobody because it was very very new," Tamar tells Toni while discussing her miscarriage, according to a new clip posted by Us Weekly. "Well, maybe, like, a week before I went to Atlanta, I found out that I was pregnant." Toni inquires if Tamar is now pregnant, to which she replies, "No, I was."

Toni simply responds, "I'm sorry, Tay."

In a confessional, Toni admits that she was "really disappointed that she didn't tell me," about the miscarriage before this, "but I understood. Sometimes, it's between a husband and a wife. But I was glad that she finally told me, and I could be there and hold her hand because I'm sure that was a disappointing situation that happened for her."

Tamar has one child, Logan, with husband Vincent Herbert. Logan was born June 6, 2013, and Tamar waited until March of that year to reveal the news to the world.

The clip also features Toni bringing up sister Trina Braxton's issues with Logan spending too much time with their mother, Evelyn.

 "I don't think that Tamar necessarily pushes Logan on [Evelyn], but I do think [there are] some unresolved conversations that maybe Trina's had with herself about Tamar's parenting," Toni says in a confessional.

Tamar has been through a lot of struggle over the past few years, dealing with vitiligo as well as pulmonary embolisms in her lungs. The reality star competed on Dancing With the Stars in late 2015 where she made it all the way to fifth place before having to withdraw from the competition due to the discovered pulmonary embolisms.

Braxton Family Values airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on WE tv.