"Days of Our Lives" spoilers tease that many events will happen in Salem and they mostly involve complicated relationships. Firstly, Brady confessed his love for Nicole while Chad and Abigail will try to make their marriage work this second time around, through the renewal of vows. However, things do not always work in the way people wants them to be and these resulted in heartaches and conflicts.

Firstly, Deimos already knows that Nicole ran away after forcibly taking baby Holly from Chloe. He also learned that Nicole was able to escape because Brady was helping her and this is where the problem lies.

As mentioned on Soap Hub, it was from Victor where Deimos learned about Brady accompanying Nicole as she hid with her daughter. He is furious about this because Nicole was her woman not long ago and now she is on the run with another man. "Days of Our Lives" spoilers revealed that Deimos just could not accept the fact that his woman ran to someone else for help even if she knows he can provide her better assistance with his extensive resources.

Then again, what Deimos did not realize is that Nicole is trying to get him completely out of her life due to his bad ways and dangerous nature which can make things worse for her. In fact, it is likely that her relationship with Deimos was one reason why she lost in the custody case for Holly.

Elsewhere, "Days of Our Lives" teaser shows that Chad and Abigail are planning to hold a marriage vow renewal. The couple believes that this is the best way to make their relationship stronger and strengthen their commitment to one another. However, it may not push through as Kate entered the picture.

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Kate does not think that the couple's plan of renewing their vow is a good idea. She will approach Chad and tells him straight that leaving Abigail and settling with Gabi is the better decision. She will try hard to convince Chad that being with Gabi will make him happier since he might only be staying with Abigail out of his sense of obligation.

Finally, the latest "Days of Our Lives" spoilers indicate that Abigail will witness how Kate is trying to persuade Chad to leave her and she will wonder if her husband agrees with Kate. In the end, Chad will assure Abigail that all that he wants is to repair their marriage.