Camilla Parker Bowles to Replace Queen Elizabeth; Prince Charles Determined to Make Duchess of Cornwall His Queen

Camilla Parker Bowles would be taking the place of Queen Elizabeth in the event of her death. This means that the Duchess of Cornwall is set to become the next queen of England in the not so distant future.

Normally, Bowles is going to be designated as princess consort if Queen Elizabeth II is no longer around. This title does not really hold legal meaning so it is not a significant position. However, once Prince Charles takes over the throne and becomes the king, he has the power to change the designation and make his wife Camilla as the queen.

The talk on who will replace Queen Elizabeth came up as she will be celebrating her 91st birthday already. Her old age made people think that her reign in the English throne is coming to a close now.

Camilla Parker Bowles will effectively become the princess consort after Prince Charles ascends to the throne. But, reports stated that there were many indications that point to the fact that the prince is planning to upgrade his wife's title to queen.

"They have it all worked out," a royal insider told the Daily Beast. "When Charles goes before the Accession Council he will tell them his choice of regal name, and then he will authoritatively make it clear that his wife is to be known as Queen."

Camilla does not have a good reputation. Everyone in the world knows that she was the woman who had an affair with Prince Charles while he was still married to the late Princess Diana. Then again, despite being known as the ‘other woman,' she continued her affair with the prince.

Charles and Diana eventually divorced in 1996. A year after, the Princess of Wales died in car accident in Paris. Camilla and Charles got married in 2005 and their union was accepted by the royal family.

Now, even if Camilla Parker Bowles is legally married to prince Charles, the public has a different opinion and they have not accepted the Duchess of Cornwall. It is harder because the people still adore the late princess Diana even until now, 20 years after she passed.

Clearly, many do not agree that Camilla should be made the queen. Daily Mail reported that based on a poll that it conducted in 2015, more than half of the Britons think that Camilla is not suitable to be the next British monarch.

Finally, if Prince Charles will really make Camilla Parker Bowles as the next queen, her coronation will surely be mired with controversies and criticism. In fact, people are already saying that making her a Queen is like rewarding adultery.

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