"Days of Our Lives" spoilers for March 28-31 tease that it will be another week of big revelations. For starters, Brady will finally confess his feelings for someone. Jade is also likely to start a scheme to win over Joey as she will do anything to make him hers.

Brady's Love for Nicole

Avid viewers of "Days of Our Lives" already know that Brady has strong feelings for Nicole and he wants her, especially now that she just left Deimos. His love for her was displayed when he helped her escape when Nicole kidnapped and run away with her baby Holly.

Although it is easy to see that Brady cares a lot about her, it was unexpected that he will actually confess on "Days of Our Lives." However, once he admits his special feelings to Nicole, Brady will not get a positive response.

Nicole will forever be grateful for what he did for her and Holly, but she does not think that this is the right time to find a new love. Besides, after her failed relationship with Deimos, she realized that there is a lot to consider before getting involved with someone else, thus she is being careful this time.

Jade and Joey

Another couple in "Days of Our Lives" is in focus this week. Joey will visit Jade in the hospital. It can be recalled that Jade fell off from a loft because she took too many painkillers.

Celebrity Dirty Laundry narrated that after her surgery, Jade gets back home and Joey reminded her that she must take the prescribed medicines and make sure they are in the right dosages. Then again, despite his show of concern, "Days of Our Lives" spoilers suggest that Joey might criticize Jade for seemingly trying to get his attention by falling.

It may sound harsh, but there could be truth in this accusation against Jade as she will do everything to have Joey, even if it cost her life. However, since things are not working out as they should, Jade might try a more brazen approach.

The next "Days of Our Lives" episodes will show her resorting to blackmail since she knows that Joey killed Ava. The idea struck her, that she could use this knowledge to have Joey.

Nicole's Secret

Finally, the "Days of Our Lives" viewers will see Scooter again and this is not good news for Nicole. Blasting News reported that as a sex addict, he is likely to leak the info that Nicole is a former porn star. Such revelation will surely negatively impact her bid to legally get her daughter Holly back.