It has been known to video game enthusiasts that the "NieR: Automata" has been released with problems. Luckily, mod enthusiasts have created Nude and Performance mods that fixed the problems and have enhanced the players' gaming experience.

According to Gaming Central the Nude Mod for "NieR: Automata" delivers major enhancements to 2B's costume, tightfitting her bosom. Aside from it also removes her leotard which can be perceived when her clothing is torn apart in the self-destruct mode. Nevertheless, the creator admitted that the Nude Mod is not perfect and it can cause a few problems like variations in the skin tone when the illumination changes or some surfaces that somewhat appears to be metallic.

Moreover, Kotaku has learned that the Performance Mod for "NieR Automata" which is called "Fix Automata Resolution", or "FAR" for short, is a part of a larger alteration set, "SpecialK". For the gamers who are struggling with frame rates, this new user-made tool is expected to deliver lag-free gaming experience only if they are eager to jump through a hoop or two.

For reference, the "NieR: Automata" Performance Mod has been created by Andon M. Coleman, who is also known by his handle "Kaldaien." The utility lets the users have access to various performance settings which includes the frame rate limiters, vertical sync buffering and resolution scaling. Unluckily, while the Steam community thread has information about the settings and of course a download link it doesn't have specific instructions about its usage.

The "NieR: Automata" Nude mode can be downloaded on Art-Of-The-Body's DeviantART page and the website also provides the installation instructions. On the other hand, there is the performance mod doesn't have an exact guide on how to use it.

For the gamers of "NieR: Automata" who wanted to have an enhanced gaming experience, they could download these mods for the video game. Nevertheless, they are advised to refer to the instructions of usage well to avoid some issues.