'Riverdale' Spoilers: Episode 9 To Feature Cheryl Seducing Archie; Alice Cooper Plans Revenge Against The Blossoms [VIDEO]

New updates and speculations about The CW's teen mystery drama series, "Riverdale" are already up online. In roughly two days, fans are going to see the series again on the small screens, this time with new exciting scenarios that are definitely going to keep the viewers' eyes on the screen.

On the previous episode of "Riverdale", the quest continues on the investigation behind Jason Blossom's (Trevor Stines) murder. It has been revealed by Jason's then-girlfriend, Tiera Skovbye's character, Polly Cooper, that moment before his death, Jason was supposed to deliver a drug paraphernalia to the Southside Serpents, a biker gang, from which he will receive money in return.

Polly, who is pregnant with Jason's child, was celebrated a baby shower in the previous episode of "Riverdale" planned by their friend, Veronica (Camila Mendes). However, the shower took a mishap when an altercation formed between Jason's mother, Penelope Blossom (Nathalie Boltt) and Polly's mother, Alice Cooper (Mädchen Amick). They argued over whom should Polly stay with during her pregnancy, but in the end, she chose to stay with Jason's family.

According to Screen Rant, on the upcoming episode of "Riverdale", Alice is going to plan revenge against the Blossoms family. It has been evident that there has been a feud between the Coopers and the Blossoms, and with Polly's decision to stay with the Blossoms, it just reportedly heats up the revenge that her mother will be plotting. Fans of the series know how dangerous Alice is since the beginning.

As per the source, there is a deep reason why Alice is the way she is on "Riverdale". Her toughness and sometimes, evilness is reportedly brought about her rivalry with the Blossoms family from the start. It apparently has something to do with the starting days of the town and how it was build up. As the series continues to air its upcoming episodes, viewers will reportedly find out more revelations about this.

Meanwhile, according to TV Guide, the official synopsis for the upcoming episode of "Riverdale" revealed that KJ Apa's character, Archie Andrews, will be escorting Cheryl Blossom into one of their family affairs. Cheryl will reportedly seduce Archie, which will result to the two of them kissing each other. With Archie carelessly forgetting the warning against the Blossoms, the viewers are going to find out how he will get out of trouble this time.

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