‘NCIS’ Season 14 Episode 20 Recap: Vice Admiral Chase Enlists McGee’s Help

"NCIS" Season 14 episode 20 brings the fans a plot that sees Vice Admiral Chase enlisting the help of McGee. What kind of help does Chase exactly wanted?

The CBS drama was thrilling as the vice admiral's laptop is infected with ransomware according to a report by Buddy TV. He enlisted McGee to help track down the hacker before virus erases all his personal and professional files. However, "NCIS" Season 14 episode 20 viewers saw that McGee could only do so much. He could not access any of the files, nor can he protect them until he gets hold of the ransom key.

In "NCIS" Season 14 episode 20, McGee thought of an idea that is not amenable to the vice admiral according to Entertainment Weekly. He wanted Chase to pay up the ransom, but the latter does not want to do it. He claimed that he has never given up in his life. He is not about to start now.

McGee did not say outright that Chase is on his own, but he walked out and it is more than any words could say. He knows that he could not get rid of the ransomware and he does not want to waste time pretending he can. When McGee walked out in "NCIS" Season 14 episode 20, Chase did not appreciate it. He then decided to send Tim the virus instead.

In a chained reaction to the viral admiral's action, everyone in the department became infected with the virus. Everyone except Gibbs. His phone is safe as it was not a high-end, complicated piece of gadget. The vice admiral is later seen in "NCIS" Season 14 episode 20 being brought in because he technically victimized the whole department.

"NCIS" Season 14 episode 20 has an emotional side to it. The reason why Chase wanted badly to save his personal files is because he has pictures of his wife who already died. It was all he had of her and he would have wanted to print those.

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