Jennifer Lopez opens up about how she met Alex Rodriguez after having a Cobb Salad

Jennifer Lopez has opened up on how she met former baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez after bumping into him while having Cobb Salad.

Lopez revealed the romantic details during her guest appearance on The Ellen Show on Monday, April 24. The 47-year-old singer and actress explained to show host Ellen DeGeneres how "very simple" the moment was.

"I saw him walk by and then afterward I went outside but for some reason I just felt like tapping him on the shoulder and saying hi," the singer said, USA Today relayed. "And I said, 'Hi, Alex,' and he was like, 'Hi, Jennifer,' ... and then that was it."

After realizing they were both living in Los Angeles and exchanging text messages, the celebrity couple decided to hang out and have dinner. Lopez continued to recall she had a nice dinner with A-Rod but couldn't remember what she had then.

DeGeneres, however, was curious if the singer spent the night over at Rodriguez' after they had their dinner but she was quick to shut down the notion. "Mama don't sleep over on the first date," Lopez quipped. But as it turned out, the question was only part of the distraction that the show host planned for the guest star.

A man dressed in a Yankee baseball uniform popped out from the desk positioned beside the singer as soon as Lopez got distracted after Ellen asked her if they are planning to have kids.

News about Lopez and Rodriguez dating first hit the internet earlier in March. According to Life & Style, the celebrity couple started seeing each other, weeks after the former's split with ex-love interest, Drake. The news, at the time, got even hotter after the singer shared a sexy selfie with Rodriguez hiding behind her hair.

There were speculations before the couple's romance became official, suggesting that Lopez may try to work things out with ex-husband Marc Anthony. However, she quickly put a stop on the rumor by saying both her and Anthony are already good as it is and that they are great friends.

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