Shayanna Jenkins & 4-Year-Old Daughter Aaron Hernandez' Funeral: Athlete's Fiancée's Sister & NFL Members Ditched His Requiem

While funerals are obviously filled with grief and sadness, Aaron Hernandez' requiem is extremely devastating as everyone has seen Shayanna Jenkins and their only daughter attending for the first time. The athlete's fiancée held Avielle, 4, and comforting her in the easiest possible way.

Hernandez' funeral was held on April 24 in Bristol, Connecticut and aside from the mourners, his fiancée and child have attended as well. However, after barely three hours, the two left eventually.
Hernandez' fiancée comforted the young one as the tragedy surely left her broken hearted. Meanwhile, Avielle was seen being carried by the boyfriend of Shayanna's sibling when they left the scene. Aside from his family, the athlete's mother and brother, Terri and D.J. Hernandez, have also attended his funeral.

The NFL player has been controversial after involving himself in a murder. And for the second time, he hit the headlines after he was found lifeless at the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center in Shirley, Massachusetts on April 19. Apparently, he committed suicide by hanging himself using a bed sheet inside his own cell.

However, as most people expected, his fellow New England Patriots members were not present to say goodbye to the controversial athlete. Even Shaneah Jenkins was not present to mourn. As reported before, Shayanna's sibling was dating Odin Lloyd before he was murdered.

Meanwhile, after the discovery of his death, three suicide notes were found. According to ABC News, the letters were released by the spokesman of the district attorney's office to the family. Apparently, the notes were addressed for his Shayanna, Avielle, and his secret gay lover.
In 2013, Hernandez' was found guilty of killing his friend and fellow athlete Lloyd, serving a life sentence in a prison. The victim was dating Shayanna's sister at the time he was killed.

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