Dancing with the Stars Season 24 Final 4 Elimination: Breaking Down Who Has What It Takes To Win

Only four contestants remain on season 24 of Dancing With The Stars, and to say that the competition is close would be a total lie.

Naysayers may disagree, but between the final four, there is a clear divide between who is going to win, and who is not. Between our predicted final two however, we feel the competition is closer, but there is still a clear ringer. In a season full of various jives, foxtrots, and tangos, it seems like this iteration's winner was predetermined before the season even started. With great dancers like Heather Morris and Nancy Kerrigan eliminated weeks prior, the past couple of performance nights just seemed like a victory march for a certain star. Let's take a moment to break it all down for you and how we see the season closing out.

Who WON'T Win Dancing With The Stars:

1- David Ross: If someone had told us before the start of this season David would have made it all the way to the final four, we would have laughed, then quietly asked if Heather was up there also. The fact that he is still here is an astonishing feat, but we highly doubt he will be going any further than fourth place.

2- Rashad Jennings: Rashad is a talented dancer, but he is outclassed when it comes to a fanbase compared to the girls. While raw talent might be a plus, if you don't have enough fans pulling for you it is only a matter of time before you get cut. It would be a shock if he won, though that is not to say he hasn't performed amazingly and deserves it. Third place seems a safe bet for him.

Basically a Lock To Be The Runner Up:

1- Simone Biles: Simone made a comment during this past live show when probed by the judges to smile more, that "smiling doesn't win you gold medals." While a brave thing to say, we fear this comment might have turned off some of her fans. Regardless, when it comes to her following on social media, while it is greater than David and Rashad, it is nowhere near as great as the chosen one's. It doesn't seem likely that she will win this season, but her being a runner up seems like a lock.

The Chosen One:

1- Normani Kordei: Normani is running away with this competition. With an emotional performance that was described as leaving the audience "spellbound," it seems like nothing can stop this starlet from taking it all. However as easy to call as her win is, that is not to say she doesn't deserve it. Normani has made one hell of a run this season, and to deny her the win at the end would make this entire journey seem anticlimactic.


So those are our thoughts. Do you agree, or do you think one of the other four contestants will be taking home the trophy? Let us know in the comments below.

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