Kelly Clarkson Joins 'The Voice' Season 14 As A Coach


We did not see that coming.

The Voice's Twitter made it official this afternoon that the original winner of American Idol, Kelly Clarkson, will be joining the NBC show for it's 14th season. This news sent shockwaves across social media, which for the past few days had been alight with excitement at the rumors circulating that Clarkson would be joining the panel of the reboot of American Idol on ABC. All of that excitement can now be tragically put to rest with this revelation.

TMZ is reporting that while Clarkson was in heavy negotiations with Idol about joining the panel for the reboot, the conflict fell apart due to money issues. Clarkson apparently had a financial demand that Idol couldn't meet. The Voice saw the opportunity and swooped in for the kill, matching Clarkson's demands and welcoming her aboard.

For us here at Enstars, this reveal is a shocking turn of events that leaves a really bitter taste in our mouths. The rumors that Clarkson would be joining Idol as a judge for its reboot brought back hope in the eyes of many fans, and seeing her leave to go to The Voice of all places, a direct rival of Idol, is insanely discouraging. Even worse is the fact that she is joining the very season of The Voice that will be airing against Idol. Like many a Twitter user has often commented, "we are shook!"

Clarkson now joins other Idol alumni, Jennifer Hudson, as previous contestants that have joined The Voice as a coach. Though Hudson joins the panel for season 13, all eyes are now on Clarkson, who will be joining as a coach for a season that is directly competing with her home base of Idol, the show that originally helped her rise to fame. This breaking news is the first sign of open warfare between Idol and The Voice, which is only going to continue to get nastier when the shows go head-to-head next spring.

Rumors are still going around that previous Idol host, Ryan Seacrest, is in heavy negotiations about returning back to helm the reboot.

What do you think about this shocking turn of events? Are you bitter like us? Let us know in the comments below.

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