The Top 5 Most Controversial Television Moments of 2017 So Far

Television has been going through some interesting phases this year. So far, Kelly Clarkson announced that she is joining The Voice, A Series Of Unfortunate Events has debuted on Netflix, Riverdale has been brought to television with a darker take, and this year is only just about half way over! The biggest positive is that it seems like SNL is never going to run out of material.

Since this year has been getting so crazy, we thought we'd take the time to reflect on the moments that were the most controversial. Check out our top 5 picks below, which is listed in no particular order.

1- Adam Devine's Hosting At The MTV Music And TV Awards- There were quite a lot of controversial moments at this award show, but people online seemed the most hung up by Devine's hosting, especially with that ending moment, which shall remain unmentioned. At one of the biggest award shows of the year, Devine just had to make our list.

2- Zeke Smith Gets Outed As Transgender on Survivor- This season of Survivor featured some great gameplay, but what the season is going to be known for down the line is the episode where Zeke Smith was outed by Jeff Varner for being transgender. The episode made headlines and caused controversy for the show. Although, the best thing that came of it was the healthy dialogue it seemed to open about transgender people.

3- Sean Spicer's Press Conferences- These things are both amusing and horrifying to watch. We'd feel much better laughing at the them if they weren't such a serious matter. The only good to come out of them were the hilarious SNL skits.

4- La La La Land Gets Accidentally Announced as Best Picture Winner at The Oscars- This one was a doozy. In a moment straight out of a Steve Harvey nightmare, the wrong winners were called out at The Oscars. Hopefully, we never again have to sit through the cringe inducing controversy of assigning blame to the situation.

5- The 13 Reasons Why Controversy- When 13 Reasons Why was released, an important dialogue about teenage suicide was opened up. Along with this, there was a lot of controversy about the show's portrayal of suicide and how it was used as a revenge. 

So those are our thoughts, what are yours? What do you think was the most controversial television moment of 2017? Let us know in the comments below.

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