Delta Airlines Faces Lawsuit From Passenger Who Pricked His Finger On Needle In Seat Pocket

Delta Airlines is being sued by a former passenger for emotional and physical damages he sustained in 2015 after getting pricked on a needle that had been left in his seat pocket.

The passenger, Gabriel Ybarra, says that "his life flashed in front of him" while on a plane ride from LAX to Atlanta.

After getting his finger pricked on the stray needle, Ybarra says he started "bleeding profusely" and began to panic.

When Ybarra got off the plane, he saw a doctor and was prescribed a cycle of medicine and underwent tests to try to combat any diseases he might have contracted.

However, the side effects of the medicine he took caused him months of medical issues.

Additionally, he mentioned that due to the trauma from the medicine, Ybarra was unable to perform "his duties as a husband to his wife for months."

A spokesperson for Delta commented on the situation and said that it is "dismayed by what this customer describes in the suit. The safety and security of our customers and employees is always Delta's top priority."

This is not the first time that Delta has found itself in hot water after issues with passengers.

Recently, a family with young children were removed from one of the airline's planes because they wouldn't give up one of their seats.

The entire situation was caught on video and a Delta worker said "this is a federal offense and then you and your wife will be in jail and your kids will be in foster care."

After the video's release, Delta announced that it would compensate the family for all the damage.

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