Leah Messer shared a post from @gentlemenhood days ago on Instagram and was immediately met with backlash.

Following her 2011 divorce from Corey Simms, the father of her twin girls, seven-year-old Ali and Aleeah, and her 2015 divorce from Jeremy Calvert, the father of her four-year-old daughter Adalynn, the Teen Mom 2 star shared a message claiming that one's husband should be put before their children.

“Ladies, in marriage your husband comes first, then your child. As a single mother who isn’t married, of course, you shouldn’t put any man before them, but that changes when you vow to be one with a man. He comes first as your partner, provider and protector,” the Instagram message read, via a report by In Touch Weekly magazine on Monday.

“I liked this photo and then I unliked it. My man is horrible and even if my man was amazing, my kids will forever and always be number one. Sorry to whoever disagrees but you can get divorced but those kids...will always be your kids,” one Instagram user wrote.

“You are not sending a good message to your children!! If I ran myself into the ground to be a perfect little wifey, I would be an inadequate mother. I\'m not religious but I respect the good morals that come with faith. But I also believe it brings forth some backward thinking like this ridiculous post,” another said.

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