Blac Chyna Ex: The Reality Star's Ex-Boyfriend Looks For Revenge And Attacks Her In New Song: 'You Look Like S**t Without Me' [VIDEO]

Blac Chyna has been in the limelight with her new man, Mechie. However, a former lover of the reality star has come for revenge.

Pilot Jones, rapper, released a new single entitled Flossin', which he throws many subs toward his ex-girlfriend, Chyna. Not only does he make it obvious that he wrote the song about her, the woman in the music video very much resembles her.

In the song, he expresses how well he is doing without her and attacks her for all the hardships she put him through when they were together.

"I ain't seen you in a while/And you look like s**t/You look like s--t without me/S**t without me. And you ain't seen me in a whi-i-ile/And I'm the s**t/I'm the s**t without you/S**t without you."

After all the exposure Chyna received from ex-fiancé, Rob Kardashian, Jones believed that this was karma due to the way she exposed him when they broke up. Kardashian was also with Chyna during the time she was exposing Jones.

Jones claimed Chyna "bullied" him to a point where he almost killed himself because of it. She posted his number, email address and home address all over social media and he would receive death threats. She also outed him as being bisexual. This left Jones fleeing the Los Angeles area, but that does not mean he would ever let Chyna get away with what she did.

Pilot Jones made sure he would get the last laugh and decided to capitalize off of his ex's drama. The music video has not been released yet, however, with all that is going on in Chyna's life, it looks like Pilot Jones might release it soon.

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