Jenelle Evans Book: 'Teen Mom 2' Speaks Of Suicide Thoughts, Cutting Herself [VIDEO]


Jenelle Evans once thought about killing herself.

In her new memoir, Read Between The Lines: Diary of a Teenage Mom, the 25-year-old reality star included a shocking excerpt from her diary which included a number of bizarre allegations against her mother, Barbara Evans.

“My mom doesn’t love me any more, she wishes I drop dead… That hurts me so much and now I have no one to love me," the Teen Mom 2 star wrote at the age of 13, as revealed by a Hollywood Life report on July 25. "I want to tell my mom that I’m sorry for being born because I know I was just another accident... She’s also canceling modeling cuz she thinks I’m too ugly for it… she tells me I’m a lil whore. She treats me like I’m not alive. But then she won’t let me kill myself cuz she’ll go to jail or something.”

Looking back, Evans admitted that her statements were exaggerations.

“I know it reads like a kid just regurgitating what she heard, but I know my mom didn’t say those things to me,” she said. “I must’ve been really upset, and made up a bunch of stuff to make myself feel better about being punished for something, at heart, I knew was my fault.”

As Hollywood Life revealed, Evans' comments about killing herself at the age of 13 weren't her first.

She also spoke of committing suicide and filming it in April 2006 during her relationship with a boy named William. Still, she again admitted that her comments were yet “another cry for attention."

“This time I got the attention I wanted when [my friend] told William about the plan. It upset him and he decided enough was enough. He was tired of investing time in a girl who thought trying to kill herself were just things to try out for the fun of it,” she wrote.

Although the reality star and mother of three never actually tried to kill herself, she did try cutting.

“It wasn’t anything serious, just a few scratches on one arm. I tried it out because I had heard other kids at school talk about how it relieved stress and helped me get over bad stuff that was happening around them,” she said.

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