Ryan Edwards' wife Mackenzie Standifer made a strange announcement on Instagram at the end of last month.

After enduring a dramatic sixth season of Teen Mom OG earlier this year, which included her and Edwards dealing with his drug addiction, and getting married, Standifer announced that she "quit" on Instagram. However, the reality star and mother of one wasn't clear on what exactly she was quitting.

“I quit. I quit living my life caring about what others think of it. I quit responding to the stupidity that seems to follow this world. I quit giving a rip about who doesn’t like this or that ( if ya don’t like it, don’t read it.) I quit the A N X I E T Y attached to it. I quit living a life of social norms and accepting that wife-hood and motherhood are simply not normal," she wrote in her lengthy post, according to a report by Hollywood Life on August 1.

"It’s hard. It’s ugly at times. It’s brutal and it is a dog eat dog world out there. But it’s worth it," she continued. "It’s worth the struggle, it’s worth the pain and it’s worth the work. Sometimes you just have to quit. And sometimes quitting can be a beautiful thing. Because •L I F E• and {LOVE} are beautiful things."

In June, as the sixth season of Teen Mom OG came to a close, Edwards confirmed a weeks-long stint in rehab.

"A little over 30 days ago, I made the decision to check myself into a rehabilitation facility. I am back home now doing well, and life could not be better,” his statement to Us Weekly read. “Without the support of my wife and parents I would not have been able to do this. Thank you all for your well wishes."