Leah Messer was not the woman who came between Jeremy Calvert and Brooke Wehr.

Although Monday night's episode of Teen Mom 2 suggested so, both Calvert and Wehr have since spoke out, denying that Calvert's ex-wife was involved in the end of their relationship.

“Leah’s name was never brought up,” Wehr said in an Instagram video earlier this week, via In Touch Weekly. “Him and I had never even had an argument that even involved her name.”

Wehr also revealed that the 35-minute call in question that ended her relationship with her ex-fiance was to a woman named Abby.

“I did not just completely lose my s**t,” she continued. “He came home from work and started arguing with me. I had logged onto the AT&T to see where he had talked to Abby for 35 minutes behind my back. He also had her name under ‘Tim’ in his phone... It was about him talking to Abby under ‘Tim’ and trying to hide it. It was just shady so of course I was upset about it.”

On a separate occassion Calvert also denied that his breakup was caused by Messer.

“In the episode you saw Monday, Brooke came off as crazy, which she isn’t at all,” he told Real Mr. Housewife on Tuesday. “It was all my fault during that time. Also the reason we broke up wasn’t because of me and Leah talking for that long about Addie’s preschool stuff. It was over me talking to a different girl. Period. It had nothing to do with the way me and Leah co-parent for our child and communicate. Just would like to address the correct version of what happened. That all was talked about, but was edited out of the episode last night.”

Teen Mom 2 season eight can be seen on MTV every Monday night at 9 p.m.