LaLa Anthony IG: Star's New Attitude Amid Carmelo Drama 'Never Going Back To The Way It Was' [VIDEO]

LaLa Anthony has made it clear she doesn’t plan on pulling the plug on her marriage with NBA star Carmelo Anthony anytime soon. But he might be in for a rude awakening if and when they do get back together.

“LaLa is taking it one day at a time with Carmelo, but there’s a lot of hope for them,” one insider told Hollywood Life Saturday. “She’s still in love with him and in her heart doesn’t want the marriage to be over. But she’s never going back to the way it was.”

As for how things will be different between the two, who are reportedly going through marriage issues following rumors Carmelo fathered a love child, the source continued and said LaLa will start to be more assertive and stand up for herself.

“Before this split things were so one-sided, he had all the power. Now things have flipped and she’s the one in charge and she’s loving it. As painful as this separation has been for her she’s now saying it’s the best thing that could have happened. It brought all their problems into the light and made Carmelo realize how screwed up his priorities were.”

Apparently Carmelo’s experience has made him have a new attitude as well.

“He’s putting her first again and proving he’s willing to do anything to hang on to her.”

Aside from popping up at her latest event, a debut of her denim line with Lord & Taylor, Carmelo’s been shouting out LaLa on social media. One of the most recent times was her birthday in which he made clear he wanted her back in his life.

“I look at you on this birthday, and it is hard to believe another year has passed,” he wrote on June 25. “You are as beautiful now as ever before!!! Sending Birthday wishes to MY EARTH… Love YOU…”

Check it out below.

Meanwhile, LaLa has maintained that she won’t speak negatively about Carmelo in public or in front of their 10-year-old son, Kiyan.

She first spoke about the marital woes with Wendy Williams earlier this summer.

LaLa said she doesn’t plan on divorcing Carmelo “right now” and pointed out that all marriages have their rough spots.

“You know, marriages are tough, and you know that. We all know that. It’s filled with ups and downs. We are just going through a tough time right now.”

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