Beautiful actress Eva Mendes has opened up about her experience being a working mom.

The 43-year-old actress, who has two lovely daughters, Esmeralda, 3 and Amada,1, with Ryan Gosling, admitted that she can totally relate to the mothers who balance work and home.

During an interview with E! News, she revealed she feels guilty when she has to split time between work and raising her children. Along with her film career, Mendes is a designer as well, and she has created her collection for New York & Co. She said: "I'm all for obviously taking care of myself - that's how I can take care of them of course-but that guilt that is just kind of always there. It's like, 'Ugh, this is gonna be there forever now.'"

The Hitch star also mentioned that her two daughters are both different as well as alike. She said: "They are pretty opposite. They are both angels, they are just different kinds of angels."

Gosling and Mendes, who started dating in 2011, have always kept their relationship away from the spotlight. Mendes took a break from her acting career right after her last major role in the 2013 HBO movie "Clear History" and her last big-screen appearance was in "Lost River" directed by the Canadian actor. Thereafter, she has focused mostly on her designing career and home. The actress is the creative director and face of Circa Beauty and is all the time working for her signature line with New York & Company.

The private duo is not very comfortable talking about each other in public. Gosling once said that Mendes was not happy about the fact that he had gone overboard talking about her in public in 2015.

He said that she does not like the credit and gets mad when he is giving it to her. In May 2016 while promoting "The Nice Guys", Gosling was asked about the girl to boy ratio in his house, to which he replied that its heaven and like walking through a field of flowers everyday, living with angels.