Thick Leeyonce Instagram: Blogger Slams Body Shamer, Goes Viral [VIDEO]

One South African blogger has made headlines as she proved she’s comfortable in the skin she’s in and not afraid to show it – or shut down anyone who tries to body shame her.

It started when a guy on Twitter, Leyton Mokgerepi, used Lesego Legonbane’s (or @ThickLeeyonce) photo in a rude meme. He put her picture side-by-side with a woman who carries a more petite figure Tuesday. He compared the two photos with the caption, “Girls I like vs Girls that like me”

Legonbane made it clear she wasn’t feeling him and that she wasn’t going to let him degrade her because of her size.

She first let him know, “I don’t like you” before following up with a series of tweets that showed celebrities who agreed with her as well as the love she’s gotten from her new and old fans.

“I hate it when men think that fat girls are desperate and that we like every guy cos ‘we don’t have options,’” she wrote on Instagram. “…First of all, check yourself. So this guy tried it and it seems that my response tweet went viral – liked by Ariana Grande, Ava & Nicki Minaj… even Julius Malema showing ya gal love, ku lit!!! 158K + retweets and 551K likes, I don’t think I’ll know how to act this whole week… #FatAndSTillOuttaYourLeague”

Since then, she ahs received extra love from major blog sites. Teen Vogue even reached out via Twitter and asked her if she could do an interview. “Can you guys believe this!!!!! Teen Vogue!!!! I’m obviously in tears right now cos God is just showing off. Are y’all seeing this? Am I crazy?”

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