The third season of WeTV’s Growing Up Hip Hop ended with Angela Simmons having an awkward moment with her ex, Bow Wow.

He stars in the Atlanta portion of the franchise that just wrapped its first season. But if he had his way, he would getting close to Simmons on the original Los Angeles franchise.

The two go on what looks like a date. Simmons doesn’t waste time asking him about his love life and if he’s getting married.

He says no. When asked his last serious relationship, Bow Wow points out Erica Mena. Simmons reminds him that’s when their friendship changed and he stopped talking to her.

“…Just ‘cause you’re engaged, you can’t be cool with me?” She asks.

Bow Wow tells her that he’s “done breaking hearts” but she doesn’t let him off that easily.

“How many times did you break my heart growing up?” she says.

“A million,” he admits.

She says she thought maybe “in a fantasy world” that could work out one day. But Bow Wow reminds her that while he’s single, she isn’t.

“Yep,” she agrees. “Tied down.”

Bow Wow later admits to cameras, “I’m a distraction for Ang because it always circles back to me. Our bond was just like a Martin and Gina thing, you know? There will always be that question of, ‘What if?’… We never made it to the boyfriend, girlfriend stage. Her morals was kind of different from mine.”

The conversation then switches to the idea that Simmons was a virgin until she was intimate with her now fiancé, Sutton Tennyson. Simmons tells Bow Wow she got pregnant the first time she had sex.

Bow Wow isn’t here for it and asks if she’s happy. When she says yes, he doesn’t believe her. Check out a portion of the clip below.

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