Kelly Bensimon's feud with Bethenny Frankel has officially come to an end -- at least when it comes to Bensimon.

During a new interview with fans, Bensimon revealed that she was highly impressed by her former Real Housewives of New York City's recent efforts to help the victims of the recent hurricanes in the south.

"She has an amazing new philanthropic organization that she's supporting and I was so moved by that, that I decided to support her. I was really, really impressed that she would take the next step and really be philanthropic of other people," Bensimon explained, via Life & Style magazine, during a Facebook live Q&A to promote her upcoming episode of Million Dollar Matchmaker. "I was really, really impressed by that — and so now, she's the kind of woman that I admire."

"Before, she was the kind of person that I did not want to be around. I just don't like women like that. I like smart, educated, amazing, philanthropic women who are like girl's girls. Out of all the women in New York that I've ever met, they're like, 'How can I help you?' and not, 'Let me knock you down so I do better' — that's just not the kind of woman that I am or I'm involved with or friendly with," she continued. "That's just part of her game too, but I'm really proud of her, really, really proud of everything that she's doing. It's called Be Strong and she's doing a lot of work in Houston, TX, and everywhere — so she's really actively involved and I was really impressed by that."

"You have to remember, I retired from Housewives in 2011. It's 2017 and I'm still talking about that. Something was really, really wrong, but now it's all good!" she added.