Selena Gomez Instagram: Is The Weeknd 'Extremely Jealous' Of Justin Bieber? [VIDEO]

Jelena is far from over but rumor has it The Weeknd gets territorial when it comes to his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, and her ex, Justin Bieber.

It apparently started after Bieber found out about Gomez’s kidney transplant.

He contacted her mom Mandy to check on her.

“He called Mandy to find out what was going on and said he wanted to be there for Selena,” a source said. “Justin told Mandy he’s truly sorry for the way he treated Selena when they were dating and that he’s grown up a lot since then.”

Gomez wanted to hear more of what Bieber had to say.

“Selena decided it was time to forgive Justin,” the source added saying they are “making plans to meet up.”

That’s where The Weeknd’s reported jealous ways steps into play.

He initially wasn’t aware of Gomez and Bieber getting together. Word is he’s “extremely jealous.”

Interestingly enough, Gomez is reportedly hoping The Weeknd will have a ring for her sooner than later.

 “Selena has been doing little bit of research and leaving pages open on her laptop for Abel to ‘accidentally’ find when she’s not around,” one insider told Hollywood Life. They added she has “a Pinterset board plastered with photos of engagement rings” and leaves the site up “in the hopes that boyfriend [wll] take a hint. She says it’s her way of ‘gently coaxing’ Abel into proposing.”

Only time will tell if the singer will get the “hint.”

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