Social Media platforms were abuzz with reports of Mega-producer and Miramax co-founder Harvey Weinstein's alleged sexual harassment of women, on Thursday. Feminists were the latest to join the Twitterati as they shared their views on "sexual advances to women in exchange for a career in Hollywood".

In the wake of accusation, the Hollywood Producer released a statement with response to the allegations about his treatment involving women in Hollywood. In the release, he apologized for his behavior and told he would strive to be a better man.

The New York Times reported that the 65-year old media mogul has shown over three decades of inappropriate behavior towards eight women, which also involved recent allegations of sexual advances and constant coercing on actress Ashley Judd, 20 years ago.

Feminists and few other celebrities came in support of Judd and demanded an answer as to whether Hollywood was silent on the concept of casting-couch. Meanwhile, with eight settlements hanging over his head Weinstein has just announced his break from work.

Actress Judd opened up about Weinstein's sexual advances in an interview with NYT. She claimed that the producer of "Kiss the girl" asked "if he could give her a massage or if she could watch him shower" over a business meeting.

Along with the latter, Weinstein is accused of three decades of erratic behavior revealed one by one through interviews of eight women describing his varying behavior.

Some even said that Mr. Weinstein appeared nearly or fully naked in front of them. Though, the statement Judd made was similar to that of others, with him, demanding the girls to be present while he bathed.

In the office, he would either pass lewd intimate comments or repeatedly ask for a massage from women seeking opportunities to gain a foothold in the film industry.

Soon after news of allegations, celebrities and feminists took to social media platforms to express their views on Weinstein.