'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Season 10: Comedian Laughs At NeNe Leakes Getting Booted From Xscape Tour [VIDEO]

One comedian is all for NeNe Leakes of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta getting fired from her job as host of the Xscape tour after she made a controversial remark to a patron at her comedy show.

During her show, Leakes yelled that she hoped a heckler’s Uber driver would sexually assault them on their way home. It didn’t take long for Leakes to become a topic of conversation for many news sites. And while she apologized for her comment during a teary moment on Instagram, she was fired as host for the Xscape concert just days after it was announced she landed the role.

Luenell made it clear she isn’t even close to feeling sorry for the reality star.

She shared a headline that featured Leakes and added the caption, “N my @icecube voice……Today is a Good Day! @bravoandy @mariobilal @ny_animal #Bloop #bestnewsever #raiseourwomenUP #MOSTblackgirlsrock #RHOA”

 See Leakes’ apology below.

I am sorry A post shared by NeNe Leakes (@neneleakes) on Oct 9, 2017 at 11:39am PDT

It’s no secret Luenell and Leakes had their issues in the past. Luenell was upset that Leakes was trying her hand at stand-up comedy last year.

Leakes said Luenell was an “old hater” who would be “opening up for me one day.”

Luenell said Leakes hit below the belt and added, “But she’s made a career out of being mean to people. She’s a very mean-spirited woman…You don’t get 26 years’ worth of fans being messy like that. I want to see where her fans are in 26 years. I know where mine will be, right where they are now.”

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