'Washington Spies' Star Heather Lind Says Former President George H.W. Bush Sexually Harassed Her

Actress Heather Lind is now the latest woman to come forward about her experience with sexual harassment. Surprisingly, she claims that former United States President George H.W. Bush Sr., is the culprit.

The 'Washington Spies' actress took to instragram to speak about the incident, stating that she was 'touched from behind' and the president 'told an inappropriate joke' while she posed for a picture with him. A statement has been released by the former president, stating: "President Bush would never - under any circumstance - intentionally cause anyone distress, and he most sincerely apologises if his attempt at humour offended Ms Lind," his representative reported to the Daily Mail.

Joining in on the trending hahstag, #metoo, that was created by actress Alyssa Milano, Lind's post stated how she was 'disturbed' by seeing the former president, who is currently battling Parkinson's disease, shaking hands with former President Barack Obama, at a benefit for hurricane victims.

"He sexually assaulted me while I was posing for a similar photo. He didn't shake my hand. He touched me from behind from his wheelchair with his wife Barbara Bush by his side, He told me a dirty joke. And then, all the while being photographed, touched me again," she wrote in the since deleted post. Lind did not give any further detail on when or where this event took place.

Since the news first broke about Harvey Weinstein being accused of sexually assaulting and harassing multiple women, it seems that more men in power are being called out for their misconduct that has been hidden over the years.

Charmed star, Alyssa Milano, created the hashtag "me too" after the allegations came about, as a way to encourage women and men to speak up about their traumatic experience's.

"If all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote 'Me too.' as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem,'" Milano tweeted in the original message that introduced the movement. She later responded to her tweet "Me too."

The hashtag has since and still continues to go viral.

Do you think this movement is creating a better awareness of sexual misconduct?

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