Keo Motsepe Talks 'Dancing With The Stars' 2017 And Barbara Corcoran's 'Crotch Grab'


Keo Motsepe is talking to Enstars about his experiences on the currently airing season of Dancing With the Stars, Season 25.

During a new interview, Motsepe is telling all about his time with Shark Tank entrepreneur Barbara Corcoran, her now-infamous "crotch grab" and his future with the ABC dancing competition.

Enstars: What did you think when you heard you would be paired with Barbara Corcoran on Season 25?
Keo: Barbara Corcoran, what an honor. You see, Barbara is this strong, beautiful, and an amazing woman. I was excited to see what we could create together, and I was not disappointed.

Enstars: Did the two of you have good chemistry?
Keo: We both were happy to share a stage, and I think this was seen through our hard work.

Enstars: What were you hoping to accomplish with Barbara during practice, both physically and mentally?
Keo: It’s not so much about what I wanted Barbara to accomplish but creating this connection with her in which she felt that she could achieve anything she set her mind to.

Enstars: What do you miss most about getting to spend time with her for the show?
Keo: I obviously miss hanging out with my partner, but we are still in touch and talk often!

Enstars: How did Barbara’s dyslexia impact her performance on the show?
Keo: I think Barbara was brilliant and the perfect example that you can succeed no matter what. I only wish we could’ve danced longer so we could’ve shown the world that anything is possible as long as your heart is in the right place.

Enstars: What was your initial reaction to the ‘crotch grab’ seen ‘round the world?
Keo: Honestly, there was so much going on I didn’t even realize that was happening! I was probably just as shocked as Barbara!

Enstars: Do you plan on returning for Season 26?
Keo: If I’m given the opportunity, but I guess only time can tell.

Enstars: If so, who would be your dream celebrity dancer?
Keo: I don’t have a “dream celebrity dancer” per se, it’s all about WHO wants to LEARN, who has that PASSION, who is READY to step on stage and give it their all.

Enstars: What do you like best about participating on ‘Dancing’?
Keo: What DONT I LOVE about participating on DWTS?! The vibes, the people, the music, everything about the show brings me joy. It’s a happiness that I can’t explain. You see, I LOVE dancing. Dancing is the way I express myself, so I’m happy and honored to still be on stage even if I’m no longer competing. I’m lucky to be one of those people that gets up every morning and gets to do what they love.

To see more of the Dancing With the Stars cast, tune into new episodes on Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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