Shakira On Jimmy Kimmel Live: 'The Voice' Judge Talks Undercover Studying And Sea Lions [VIDEO]


Shakira has a reputation as a smart cookie -- even though she's said boyfriend Gerard Pique tells her "[she] only has one neuron properly," she was recently rumored to be on a list a celebrities with high IQs.

"I was a good student overall," the singer told Jimmy Kimmel on his June 13 show, "[though] I was just a little hyperactive.

"I would always get myself expelled from class because I was talking always too much."

However, she recalled one educational experience that taught her a little more than just history. Shakira told Kimmel that she was recently took a semester of History of the Western Civilization at UCLA. She learned how to disappear completely within the learning environment.

"I went incognito," she said.

"I wore a baseball cap and sweat pants and no make-up and my hair in a ponytail," just some of the staples of an overworked college student's wardrobe.

It proved successful: "I managed to blend in," she added.

It also seemed that no one really noticed until the final day, when a classmate she'd bonded with was finally onto her.

"He said, 'I know you from somewhere, I've seen you before,'" she said. "And I'm, like, 'no, I don't think so," pulling down an imaginary cap.

While encounters with her UCLA classmates went well, less so was one she said she'd had with a sea lion. She attempted to pet the animal at the urging of her brother, known in her inner circle as Super Tony.

She said she unwittingly went to pet the creature, "because from the human perspective," she said, "we look at these animals and think they're domestic."

The sea lion was not charmed by the singer and took up against her, nearly taking off her foot. However, like a good brother, Super Tony came through in the end to save her from the beast.

Shakira's final appearances as a Voice judge will air Monday and Tuesday on NBC. She announced in May that she would not appear on season 5, but rather return to Spain to raise her baby and contemplate her newest album.

Watch Shakira on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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