Sheep Steals Baby Jesus, Mary Puts Her In A Headlock In What Could Be The Best Nativity Play

A group of young actors might have created the most action-packed retelling of the nativity story.

The local First Baptist Church in White Pine, Tennessee, held a Christmas pageant earlier this week featuring the most adorable members of the congregation. Children below the age of five performed the nativity scene.

Local Christmas Pageant Goes Viral

Things did not go as planned. A video posted on Facebook captured the moment when a girl dressed as a sheep grabbed baby Jesus from his manger.

The girl who played Mary was not amused. She stood up and grabbed the doll. However, the sheep seemed like she really wanted to play with the baby Jesus, so she grabbed the doll back and danced across the stage. Frustrated, Mary puts the baby snatcher in a headlock.

The rest of the children continued singing "Away in a Manger" like nothing happened


The video immediately went viral on social media. By Friday, it was already viewed 7.5 million times, shared by more than 200,000 people, and has received around 60,000 reactions.

A Funny Christmas Story

TODAY reported that the baby in the sheep costume is named Teegan Benson, two years old. According to her mom, Tana, the toddler really loves baby Jesus.

She recounted that her daughter has been singing the songs and talking about the pageant, especially baby Jesus, for weeks before their presentation.

"She just really wanted that baby Jesus," Tana shared.

The mother also admitted that Teegan enjoyed being the star of the show. When she heard adults in the audience laughing at her antics, it encouraged her to grab baby Jesus one more time.

Meanwhile, the child who played Mary, Collia Weems, is a three-year-old who is "a real stickler for the rules." That is why when Teegan went off-script, she had to do something to bring the stage play back on track.

What exactly happened when the video was cut? Tana pulled her daughter from the stage and heard Collia complaining about her co-star's blatant disregard of the rules. No one was hurt.

"She touched the baby Jesus," the 3-year-old said. "We weren't supposed to touch the baby Jesus!"

In another interview, this time with ABC News, Benson promised that there is no bad blood between the kids after their little stage fight. The girls are still good friends who "love each other."

As for the rest of the congregation, they witnessed a show that nobody will forget for a long time. Benson said that everyone laughed so hard at what happened that they all had a hard time eating dinner during the church's fundraiser.

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