Netflix released a preview trailer of Dave Chappelle's upcoming stand-up special, Equanimity, on Wednesday, Dec. 20. It is his third special on the streaming service this year.

Donald Trump And The Poor White People

In the expletive-laden trailer, which runs just under two minutes, Chappelle talks about the 2016 presidential election and the poor white people who elected Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States.

The comedian starts off by saying that he has never had a problem with white people in his life, but "poor whites" are his least favorite kind because of all the trouble they're causing.

Chappelle is referring to the "poor whites" who voted for Trump and the reason why he is currently the country's commander-in-chief. The 44-year-old also talked about meeting "poor whites" waiting to cast their vote for Trump during the presidential election.

"I felt sorry for them," he said. "I listened to them say naïve poor white people things: 'My man Donald Trump is going to go to Washington and he's gonna fight for us.' I'm standing there thinking, 'you dumb motherf***er.' You are poor. He's fighting for me!"

Trump Administration Passes Tax Bill That Benefits The Rich

The stand-up special was written and shot awhile ago, but the timing could not have been more perfect. On Wednesday, Dec. 20, the Republicans voted in favor of a sweeping tax bill that includes a 40% tax cut for corporations and isn't exactly designed to help out the poor.

The approval of the GOP tax bill has led to nationwide protests. Many argue that the current tax plan, which was already in favor of corporations and wealthy Americans, will tilt the balance further in their favor and lead to income inequality.

Rich Whites Vs. Poor Whites

In the trailer, Chappelle also pointed out the rich white people bad mouth the less fortunate white people all the time.

"I know that rich white people call poor white people 'trash,'" he continued. "And the only reason I know that is because I made so much money last year, the rich whites told me they say it at a cocktail party."

The comedian turned down $50 million and left the hugely successful Comedy Central sketch show, "Chappelle's Show," in 2004. However, he signed a $60 million deal with Netflix for his three stand-up specials this year.

Dave Chappelle: Equanimity will arrive on Netflix on Dec. 31.

Check out the trailer for the upcoming stand-up special below.