The cover for Prince's new single, Breakfast Can Wait, features an image parodying himself with none other than comedian Dave Chapelle portraying him.

The singer recently embraced Twitter via his band 3rd Eye Girl's account and has been pretty active, promoting his work and riffing about random stuff -- ever since. In a tweet uploaded on Aug. 16 and titled Game:Blouses, he revealed the cover art with a preview of the single via a YouTube link.

In the picture Chapelle is dressed in Prince's trademark baroque-funk chic -- a dark purple jacket, embelished with a ruffle collar in pastel shades. He wears a wispy moustache, a frizzy haired wig and lines his eyes with mascara. Chapelle looks dead serious as he serves up some pancakes.

This is not Chapelle's first time parodying Prince and he has worn this very same outfit before for a skit on Chapelle's Show, watch it here

The song's slow-moving R&B/funk-laced groove is revved up by a snappy bass line. With the lyrics Prince croons about the breakfast of champions, some early morning loving.

"The only thing I was hoping for before you go to work babe/Is we get it on/I aint trying to make you blush but I just wanted to tell you/I think you're great/I know you're late/But I need another taste/Breakfast can wait," he sings.

You can preview the single here: