Television fanatics are overjoyed to learn on Tuesday, Jan. 2 that Hoda Kotb will join Savannah Guthrie permanently at Today's anchor desk.

Hoda Kotb's History in 'Today'

Since Kotb joined the Today family in 2008, fans have come to rely on her incredible reporting and superb chemistry with partner-in-crime Kathie Lee Gifford. The two helmed the show's colorful fourth hour. Throughout 2017, Kotb joined then Today on-air team Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie at the anchor desk during the first two hours of the NBC morning news program.

On Nov. 29, 2017, both Kotb and Guthrie announced Matt Lauer's firing from NBC after sexual misconduct allegations surrounding the longtime NBC morning anchor were revealed. She spent the next few weeks at the desk. Thanks to Guthrie and Kotb's partnership, the duo helped improve the ratings as it topped the morning show rating race for several weeks.

The Salary Issue

Kotb is spending the first two hours on Today with Guthrie and stalwart weatherman Al Roker, along with celebrating everyday life with BFF Gifford on the show's fourth hour. Thus, fans would assume that Kotb was due for a salary increase.

However, reports have leaked that Kotb will not be earning the same paycheck that disgraced morning news anchor Lauer made while he was on the NBC News morning show. Kotb will earn  $7 million a year for her work and this is the same salary that Guthrie is also receiving.

It seems that Kotb's pay is $18 million less than Lauer. Apparently, the latter was hailed by numerous media outlets as "NBC's 25 Million Dollar Man."

Several media insiders revealed that Lauer's monstrous salary was due to his time at the network and not a knock against Kotb. They also added that if Kotb decides to renew her contract, she might have the opportunity to ask for more money.

Well-Wishes And Matt Lauer's Response

Meanwhile, countless members of the NBC family and celebrities headed to Twitter to celebrate Kotb's big news.

Former anchor Meredith Vieira, who co-anchored the morning show from 2006 to 2011, called the new partnership "brilliant" in her tweet.

Veteran NBC broadcaster Tom Brokaw stated that Kotb's promotion was "historic" and predicted that it might mark a milestone in this century.

Roker posted a selfie with the new anchor team.

Kotb also revealed to ET Online that she also received a message from Lauer who shared his excitement for her regarding her new position.

“My heart just went like, you know, it meant the world to see that,” said Kotb.