Two separate individuals are giving their thoughts on the shocking scandal involving Matt Lauer. One of them is his friend, former Today co-host, Katie Couric and the other is actor Corey Feldman, who was interviewed by Lauer.

Following Lauer's abrupt termination from The Today Show, his former colleagues were left shaken and speechless. The one person everyone was waiting to hear from was Couric, as the two were co-anchors on the show for fifteen years before Couric's departure in 2016. Couric didn't give a full statement in regards to her friend's current predicament, but she gives a brief response for now.

Couric posted a throwback picture of herself with her daughter on Instagram and fans took that opportunity to question the former host on her thoughts about Lauer.

"Nothing to say on Matt?? Huh - ya'll would have been all over the story years ago," one user wrote under the picture. Couric response was simple and straight to the point.

"It's incredibly upsetting and I will say something when I'm ready to. Thanks for your interest," she responded. No word yet on when Couric will give her full statement but just like his other colleagues, she seems to be still processing everything as well.

Feldman Vs. Lauer

Corey Feldman, on the other hand, wasn't as merciful as Couric.  During an interview on The Dr. Oz Show, the actor, who has been vocal about sexual abuse in Hollywood for years, didn't seem shocked by the allegations against him. In fact, Feldman actually stated that Lauer 'was part of the problem'.

"When I sat down with Matt, it was like I was being grilled. So much so that at one point he said to me, 'We've been down this road, Corey,' ... I was really blown away. I was taken aback. Where do you get the audacity to come at me?" Feldman stated

Feldman continued that when the allegations against Lauer came out, that it 'made perfect sense' since Lauer himself is also a predator. 

"The way he behaved is a perfect example of the hierarchy and the mental abuse, the shaming, the power play of 'I'm bigger than you' ... that's what this is about. And that's exactly how these predators get over on these victims," he added.

Feldman is still on his quest to expose the men in Hollywood that he accused of abusing him while he was a kid. With all of the allegations coming out, it seems that Feldman may closer to reaching the goal than before.

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