'All My Children' Spoilers: Denyse Tontz Teases Miranda & A.J. Hookup and Plot Twist [VIDEO]


Miranda and A.J. may soon become a couple on All My Children based on a reveal by one of the show's actors, Soap Opera Network reported Wednesday.

Denyse Tontz, the portrayer of Miranda Montgomery, teased what would be in store for Erica Kane's granddaughter. At the moment, she and other legacy character, A.J. Chandler, have a complex friendship. Their dynamic was changed when the two teenagers kissed a few weeks ago on the online soap opera. The two agreed that the kiss meant nothing, but some deeper feelings may have been awakened.

"As you know, they kissed, and she decided to write it off, because she didn't want to jeopardize the friendship," Tontz said. "But things happen, and sometimes feelings change."

Tontz added that there was a twist soon to come that would excite fans. She couldn't give too much away, but said that there was a plot about to unfold that many would not expect.

"I know what people are expecting, and I can tell you, it's much different. But it's going to be exciting. It'll be really cool," she said.

Tontz also gave a status update on the relationship between Miranda and openly gay mother, Bianca. The teenager has been battling with her mother since the show rebooted online in April. The young actress acknowledged that fans have not been happy about Miranda's behavior.

"I noticed that some of the fans were a little POed about [Miranda and Bianca not getting along], but it's what happens in real life," she said. "But I'm sure they're going to resolve their issues. They always do. And there's always going to be turmoil, but we love each other and always will."

Tontz indicated that Miranda would soon find out who her biological father is. The Kane heir is under the impression that her lesbian mother went to a sperm bank. However, Miranda was the product of a violent rape and the truth has been kept from her.

"I know she'll be coming into her own pretty soon," Tontz said. "There's a storyline developing that everybody is talking about, which is that she doesn't know who her paternal dad is, so it'll be interesting to see that develop."

Watch Bianca give birth to Miranda below.

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