In Lucifer Season 3 episode 15, Lucifer Morningstar and Chloe Decker's next case takes them back to high school, where they undercover as former students.

Episode 15 Trailer

Fox has released the trailer for the upcoming Lucifer episode and looking at the preview, the devil sure is not happy with the latest mission. In episode 15 titled "High School Poppycock," Chloe and Lucifer investigate the murder of the author of a bestselling book about high school drama. To find the victim's killer, the partners need to go "deep undercover."

Somehow, they narrow down where to start with their investigation — at Westside High. Coincidentally, the school is having a high school reunion and Chloe (Lauren German) convinces Lucifer to undercover as Todd Cornwell, possibly a former student or a teacher at the school. Dan (Kevin Alejandro) teases him that he looks exactly like Todd.

Lucifer attracts the attention of a woman at the reunion. Chloe, on the other hand, also attends the reunion and eventually finds herself flirting with a man by the lockers. The man is likely one of the suspects in the woman's murder, which would explain the flirtation. The detective usually uses her charms and beauty when it comes to getting information or lead on a case.

Meanwhile, the devil is clearly unsettled by the undercover mission. He calls the high school reunion as a "very popular torture in hell."

Lucifer Returns Home

Talking about hell, an episode in Lucifer Season 3 will bring the devil back home. Tom Ellis, who plays the titular character, revealed in an interview that his promise to help Marcus Pierce ( Tom Welling) reverse his immortality will bring him back to Hell.

"One of the missions to try and help Cain die involves Lucifer going down to Hell to get the soul of Abel, to try and reverse it all," Ellis said, adding that it is "quite a fun episode."

Fox has yet to announce who will portray the role of Abel in Season 3.


Meanwhile, the network has also yet to release the synopsis for Lucifer Season 3 episode 15. Fans can expect the summary to arrive nearing the show's return. The series has to take a three-week hiatus due to the Winter Olympics. This means there will be no new Lucifer episode on Feb. 12 and 19. The show will resume on Feb. 26 with "High School Poppycock" at its usual time slot at 8 p.m. EST.