Celebrity Big Brother continues to captivate the country. Last week, the house evicted UFC fighter Chuck Liddell, who would leave the house next?

Falling To Pieces

James Maslow rejoiced that he was still in the game as Liddell said his farewell. The blindside left both Omarosa Manigault and Keshia Knight Pulliam furious. Meanwhile, Ross Matthews, Shannon Elizabeth, Marissa Jaret Winokur, and Maslow made a final four deal. When the four of them approached Manigault for a chat, she demanded a private one-on-one with Elizabeth. The American Pie actress tried to tell the former White House staffer why they eliminated Liddell, but the former Apprentice contestant refused to listen to her explanation.

As Elizabeth came clean to Winokur, Glanville, Matthews, and Ariadna Gutierrez regarding her previous alliance with Manigault. Her scorned roommate rallied Pulliam and Metta World Peace. Pulliam told the confused basketball player that he voted Liddell out of the house. Pulliam and Manigault plotted to dominate the Head of Household competition.

Omarosa's Asthma Attack

The latest Head of Household competition game was Bowlerina. In Bowlerina, the houseguests had 12 seconds to knock down all four pins before a gate was raised. The last houseguest standing would be the next Head of Household.

All of the celebrities wore colorful tutus as they headed to play the classic bowling game. Elizabeth immediately decided that the new alliance's goal was to go after Manigault. Unfortunately, Manigault heard Elizabeth's comments and erupted at Elizabeth.

The former Apprentice villain went first in the Head of Household competition. She chose to face off against Winokur at the game. While the Tony-winning Hairspray star won, Manigault got an asthma attack prompting her to leave the competition to seek medical help.

On With The Show

As Manigault left to get help, Matthews decided to face off against Metta World Peace and defeated the NBA star.

The Sugar Ray singer faced off against The Real Housewife of Beverly Hills star and advanced to the next round. Meanwhile, Maslow quickly took down the former Miss Columbia. The next round showcased McGrath eliminating Elizabeth, while the Dancing with the Stars alum knocked out Winokur from the game. The final rounds of Bowlerina showcased Matthews taking down both Maslow and McGrath, which made the former Tonight Show with Jay Leno intern the Head of Household.

Where Is Omarosa?

While Matthews celebrated his victory, Pulliam was worried about her place in the competition. The housemates looked for Manigault, and everyone learned that she was at the hospital. Meanwhile, Metta World Peace and Pulliam hoped that she would return, while both Winokur and Elizabeth wished that The Apprentice villain would not come back.

However, Matthews and Winokur decided that they might backstab Elizabeth and Maslow later in the game.

The Villain Is Back

Matthews revealed that Big Brother found out about Manigault's fate. Big Brother stated that she was taken to the hospital due to her asthma attack. The producers also revealed that she would be back for the nomination ceremony. Manigault snuck back into the house and fell asleep in her bed. Gutierrez found her passed out and several housemates checked the condition of the ailing reality tv star.

When Manigault reunited with her housemates, she received unwelcome news. Matthews nominated her and Pulliam to be up for eviction. Matthews stated that it was not personal and it was Big Brother.

Tonight, Manigault or Pulliam must win the Power of Veto, or they will face eviction.

The final houseguest standing will win a $250,000 cash prize.