CBS's most interactive reality TV competition is back. For the first time, 11 celebrities enter the Big Brother house.

The First Set Of Competing Celebrities

Series host Julie Chen introduced the audience to the 11 celebrities that would be locked up in the Big Brother house for the next three weeks. The first group of celebrities to enter the house are Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and New York Times Bestselling Author Brandi Glanville, NBA basketball icon Metta World Peace, beauty queen icon Ariadna María Gutiérrez, and television personality Ross Matthews.

The in-studio audience assisted Chen in welcoming them into the Big Brother house. After the host warned them that they would not have access to either cell phones or social media, the quintet entered the house.

Matthews revealed that he is a massive fan of the show while McGrath announced that he is a huge fan of Metta World Peace and the Los Angeles Lakers. Glanville felt right at home at the bar while Metta World Peace saw the first camera in the shower. As Gutiérrez hoped that her mortal enemy, Steve Harvey, would not appear inside the house, the guys looked for the bedrooms.

The Second Set Of Competing Celebrities

As the quintet got comfortable inside the Big Brother house, Chen welcome the last set of celebrity house guests. Actress Shannon Elizabeth is a superfan of the CBS series and hoped that her poker background would be an advantage. UFC icon Chuck Liddell hoped to make his family proud inside the house. Meanwhile, actress Keisha Knight Pulliam shared her love of cooking and hoped to use it inside the house.

Broadway actress Marissa Jaret Winkour shocked her 9-year-old son Zev when she announced that she is joining the cast. Meanwhile, James Maslow would be challenged by the Big Brother house with its no social media policy. Finally, Reality TV legend and former White House staff member Omarosa Manigault planned her comeback on the Big Brother house.

Winokur said "Oh my god!" when Manigault walked out on the stage. Chen revealed that the five other celebrities were already inside. Matthews was startled by Manigualt's appearance as well, so was Glanville. Elizabeth and Manigault became roommates while Winkour quickly allied with the American Pie actress.

Inside The House

Maslow tried to teach his houseguests how to sing, but Glanville showcased her inner Twitter mean girl and shut down the former Big Time Rush singer. Maslow bonded with McGrath after Glanville was catty towards him.

Meanwhile, Manigault recruited Elizabeth and Winkour to make an all-female final three. The trio rallied Gutiérrez to join their alliance while Elizabeth made a vow to both Glanville and Pullman that a woman should become the first Head of Household.

The First Head of Household Competition

The celebrities dressed up in tuxedos for the very first Head of Household competition. Chen also handed out the very first immunity award to Manigault who was standing on a lucky star. In the first challenge, the celebrities must hold onto their Head of Household trophy, as it was raised into the air.

Liddell mentally transformed the Big Brother backyard into his UFC Octagon while Elizabeth hoped that the women alliance could stay in tack. Metta World Peace held on tight as Big Brother all-stars performed a song and dance number to distract the houseguests. Winkour fell onto the floor at the three-minute mark and Metta World Peace fell a minute later.

McGrath fell at the 13-minute mark while Matthews completed the challenge at the 15-minute mark. After Gutiérrez, Pullman, and Glanville took their final bows, the competition became the battle of the sexes as Elizabeth and Maslow battled to become the competition's first Head of Household.

Maslow wanted to make a deal with Elizabeth, but Manigault immediately called him out and stated that he could be a significant threat in the game. Elizabeth won the game and became the very first Head of Household.

The Latest Twist

As everyone congratulated Elizabeth, Chen announced that each celebrity needed to pick up a Celebrity Big Brother gift bag. The host revealed that the bags contained the ability to recast the Head of Household. The stars would have to wait to see who had the power to change the course of the game.

The overall winner of Celebrity Big Brother will receive $250,000.