Brandi Glanville can't stop talking about her past drama with Lisa Vanderpump and her fans and followers on Twitter are getting sick of it.

After going on a rant against her former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills costar, who she deemed "Lisa VanderC**t," earlier this month, Glanville returned to Twitter on Sunday to complain about her financial state.

"Doing some prep work for my taxes... All I can say is I dislike lawyers [and bulls**t lawsuits f**king immensely," Glanville wrote in a tweet on Jan. 21.

After sharing her latest tweet, Glanville was flooded with comments from fans who claimed to be tired of constant drama and negativity. Some even said that they were going to unfollow her because of her steady stream of negative posts.

As Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans may recall, Glanville first began her rant against Vanderpump earlier this month when she took aim at the restaurateur online, claiming that she lied under oath and caused her to lose the money she had been saving for years.

"I really wish I could legally explain the hell [Lisa Vanderpump] has put my family through," she tweeted. "All I can say is she lied under oath [and] it's hurt the future of my boys who she claimed to care about."

In 2016, Vanderpump testified against her former costar, claiming that Glanville was a "liar" who made shocking allegations against Joanna Krupa and then blamed her and Mohamed Hadid for communicating the rumor to her. A short time later, Krupa settled her defamation lawsuit against Glanville and said she was quite happy about the way the case panned out.

In another tweet this month, Glanville said that Vanderpump had zero conscience when she testified against her and said that because she had allegedly lied, she was unable to move on from the drama.

Several days later, Glanville hinted at another lawsuit when she said she was now afraid to speak her mind. 

"For the first time ever I’m AFRAID to speak/tweet my mind!" she told fans. "One lawsuit [too] many... while the guilty stay employed and protected !! Wish I could spit my truth."

Glanville was added to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast during its second season and moved on to a full-time role on the show the following year. Then, after the mother of two got on the bad side of nearly all of her costars during season five, her full-time role was removed from the series.