‘The View’ Co-Hosts Celebrate Omarosa’s Termination From The Trump White House

Former White House's Office of Public Liaison director Omarosa Manigault Newman will not find any sympathy from any of The View co-hosts.

A Pariah in the Black Community

The ladies of The View had strong opinions about outgoing White House's Office of Public Liaison director Omarosa Manigault Newman.

The show played a soundbyte of Manigault Newman's December 14 interview with Good Morning America's Michael Strahan. Manigault Newman promised Strahan and the audience that she will be publishing her side of the story. Immediately after the clip finished, the in-studio audience booed.

"Oh yeah! The world is waiting!" said a sarcastic Joy Behar.

Co-host Sara Haines questioned if Manigault Newman was forced out because she did not do her job correctly.

"If her job was outreach," said Haines. "Then, why is there is still only one African American woman in the White House?"

Sunny Hostin honestly answered Haines' question with a brutal response.

"Truth be told, she is really a pariah in the African American community," said Hostin.

Hostin continued to comment and added that Manigault Newman had a villainous reputation and that the African American community considered her promotion to the Trump White House a slap in the face. Hostin also brought up journalist April Ryan's discoveries regarding Manigault Newman's dismissal.

The show's resident political pundit Meghan McCain pointed out that the Trump White House is filled with questionable characters that work around him and are not the well-suited people for the job.

"Traditionally, in politics, when you are staffing for a principal. The main things you want are people that will not be seen or not be heard...." said McCain. "I like people in politics that don't want to do book deals or quite frankly guest co-host The View."

McCain also called out the rest of President Trump who wants to continue his legacy of aspiring to be a Reality TV personality.

Omarosa Versus The View

The ladies have strong opinions about Manigault Newman because when she visited the show back in January 20, 2017, Manigault Newman was not very warm and considered to be confrontational at times.

When Hostin asked Manigault Newman if President Trump used her for optics, Manigault Newman answered with a saucy retort.

"First of all, no one uses me," said Manigault Newman. The former Celebrity Apprentice candidate also explained her background from growing up in Youngstown, Ohio to her college career and eventually The White House.

Behar ruffled Manigault Newman's feathers when she asked the director of the White House Office of Public Liaison regarding some of the Trump Administration's earlier issues.

"He's not a politician he's never held office, and he's moving from private sector to governing, and it takes an adjustment time," said Manigault Newman. "I think in the first five days he's done a spectacular job of dealing with the most important, high-pressure job in the world and so we have to give him time to make that shift..."

During the last minute of the interview, Manigault Newman threw a dig at Behar that caught everyone off guard.

It is unknown if Manigault Newman will be invited back to the show.

To watch the rest of The View video, watch it below.

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