Celebrated television host Ellen DeGeneres may be a psychic! The host has been right in the past about certain celebrities expecting children, including Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.

The host reveals in an upcoming episode that one A-list lady actually forked over $1,000 dollars after correctly guessing the sex of her second child. 

DeGeneres Is Always Right 

In December 2016, Natalie Portman appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show bearing a huge baby bump. The actress was then pregnant with her second daughter, Amalia, and did not want to reveal the sex of her baby. DeGeneres, however, was spot-on as usual.

On Wednesday, Feb. 14, the two ladies reunited to talk about Portman's upcoming film, Annihilation, and also to recall the bet they made if DeGeneres correctly guessed the gender of Portman's second child.

"You wouldn't tell anybody what the sex was and I guessed. And you really didn't know," DeGeneres said to Portman. Portman admitted that she had an idea of what the gender was all along. 

"I maybe did but I maybe didn't want to tell everybody in the world. I still made the bet because I thought it would show either way. But I kept good on my bet. Ellen bet $1,000 ... You were confident, you were right to be confident, it's a girl!" Portman stated.

Portman donated the $1,000 dollar reward money to DeGeneres's charity, the Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund. 

Portman gave birth in February 2017 and confirmed in March 2017 that it was indeed a girl. The V for Vendetta star is also a mom to Aleph who was born in 2011. The actress is married to her Black Swan co-star, Benjamin Millepied. The couple has been known to be private about their personal and family life, however, Portman has stated that parenthood "changed her" and "made her more calm."

Portman's next film, Annihilation, follows the story of a group of soldiers who enter an environmental disaster zone and only one soldier (Oscar Isaac) comes back out alive, but gravely injured. In order to save his life, his wife Lena (Portman), who is a biologist, volunteers for another expedition into the zone to figure out what happened to him.

The film also stars Jennifer Jason Leigh, Gina Rodriguez, and Tessa Thompson. 

The 36-year-old actress is also known for her roles in Thor, Star Wars, No Strings Attached, Jackie, and Brothers