Omarosa Denies That She Slept With President Trump On 'Celebrity Big Brother'


Forbidden romances are stories that keep circulating in the public eye. Despite the consequences for the involved parties, tabloid readers continue to devour affairs.

Omarosa Denies An Affair

Former White House staff member Omarosa Manigault Newman has been in the public eye since her controversial departure from President Donald Trump's administration. She later exchanged the District of Columbia for the Celebrity Big Brother house in Los Angeles. Recently, People Magazine reported that Manigault Newman was confronted by one of her fellow houseguests, former The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville, regarding a potential affair with the President.

"Hell no! Of course not. Brandi, that's horrible," said Manigault Newman in a conversation People Magazine transcribed.

According to US Weekly, Glanville asked the question because she heard rampant rumors that the former host of NBC's reality shows, The Apprentice and The Celebrity Apprentice, allegedly slept with some of his favorite female candidates. Glanville also added that the President admired Manigault Newman both series.

"God, no! I'm just ratings gold," said Manigault Newman in a conversation that US Weekly copied.

Omarosa's 'Big Brother' Experience

Manigault Newman's Celebrity Big Brother experience has been filled with headline-making moments. She suffered an asthma attack during the Head of Household competition known as Bowlerina and was taken to the hospital. Manigault Newman eventually returned to the game.

She also mentioned that working at the Trump White House was a disaster. Manigault Newman even stated that the Trump Administration was "not my circus" in front of her fellow houseguests.

On the first night of competition, many of her fellow houseguests, including television personality Ross Matthews and Tony-winning actress Marissa Jaret Winokur, were visibly startled when longtime Big Brother host Julie Chen announced that the former White House staff member would be competing with them.

Omarosa's Adversaries Speak Out

As Manigault Newman continues to compete for the show's $250,000 prize, several of her adversaries took this opportunity to slam her in the press. Former Celebrity Apprentice winner Piers Morgan claimed that Manigault Newman tried to have sex with him to win the show. Morgan and Manigault Newman butted heads when they competed on the first season of Celebrity Apprentice. Meanwhile, The View co-host Sunny Hostin revealed to Wendy Williams on Feb. 9 the onstage and backstage drama that Manigault Newman caused with her visit to the ABC talk show.

"When you come to our show, and you know this Wendy, you are a guest in our home. We treat you with respect and dignity and support. She came on our show and was rude to my co-hosts, she was rude to Joy [Behar], and she is nasty for sport," Hostin told Williams.

When it was announced that Manigault Newman exited the White House in December 2017, The View co-hosts celebrated Manigault Newman's downfall. Meanwhile, Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts simply stated "Bye, Felicia" when Manigault Newman was terminated.

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