Saturday Night Live alum Colin Quinn may have suffered a health scare but his sense of humor hasn't changed the slightest bit.

Quinn's Health Scare

The stand-up comedian took to Twitter on Monday, Feb. 19 to reveal that he suffered a heart attack on Valentine's Day.

According to his rep, the 58-year-old is now "doing great" as he continues to recover from the health scare and is already making light of the situation on social media.

In a following tweet, he said that the heart attack got him thinking that there is no guarantee of a "tomorrow." He then joked about how he was going to make a list of all those who had not reached out to him to check on his health.

The Trainwreck star also expressed his gratitude to the doctors and staff at the Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan for taking care of him and saving his life in his trademark style.

Florida Concerts Rescheduled

Although he's recovering well from the health scare, Quinn announced that his upcoming concerts, which were scheduled to take place in Florida this weekend, would be canceled and rescheduled. 

"My heart goes out to all the people who bought tickets to my show. Literally. My heart went out," he said in a statement obtained by the Tampa Bay Times. "I know you people are still mad that I postponed the show even though I had a heart attack. I felt the same way when I bought Lou Reed tickets last year." 

The comedian added that he will re-arrange the dates once the fans tell him which weekend dates are suitable for them.

Twitter Reactions

Shortly after Quinn revealed his health scare, he was showered with messages of support on the micro-blogging platform from fans as well as fellow comedians, including the likes of Jim Norris, John Mulaney and Norm Macdonald. Here are some of the posts: