Tempers can flare up on the road. The driver's dark side is exposed when their anxiety swiftly turns into anger.

'SNL' Veteran Attacked

Comedic genius Chevy Chase is the latest celebrity affected by a road rage incident. According to TMZ, the founding Saturday Night Live cast member and former Community star stated that he was traveling near New York's Tappan Zee Bridge (also known as the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge) when suddenly a black pickup truck cut him off the road.

Chase told the New York authorities that he thought the black pickup truck hit his vehicle. The National Lampoon's Vacation actor tried to communicate with the driver by flashing his lights and even trailed the pickup truck. However, once he caught up with the vehicle and attempted to confront the driver of the rogue car, the situation became dire for the actor.

One of the passengers in the pickup truck flipped their middle finger at the television icon. Chase retaliated at the passenger by shouting a veiled threat. Chase's threat caused the driver of the pickup truck to get out of his vehicle and kick the comedy icon to the ground.

According to Page Six, the renegade driver kicked Chase in the shoulder. When the pickup driver spoke with the New York authorities, he remained adamant that Chase tried to land the first blow in their confrontation.

TMZ reported that the 22-year-old pickup driver was charged with second-degree harassment. Also, New York authorities told both gossip sites that there was another eyewitness who stopped at the scene of the crime. They stated that an eyewitness was concerned about Chase's well-being after the confrontation.

Chevy Chase's Recent Activities

Months before Chase's encounter with road rage, he received some outstanding good news. The TV Academy would induct Chase into the organization's hall of fame. Chase would be inducted alongside his former Saturday Night Live co-founders Dan Ackroyd, Jane Curtin, Garrett Morris, Laraine Newman, and the late John Belushi and Gilda Radner.

In 2014, Chase returned to the spotlight as Reddit users and Community fans asked the actor if he would reprise his role as Pierce Hawthorne in the former NBC turned Yahoo! Screen series. Chase stated that he would only make a cameo at the beginning of the final season and even said that he would do only one or two episodes if he were to be asked back. Chase was written out of the show following the end of the fourth season after he bickered with producers behind the scenes.

In addition to the rumors of his return to Community, he also appeared in Hot Tub Time Machine 2. Chase reprised his mysterious character and helped his castmates Craig Robinson, Clark Duke, and Rob Corddry welcome Adam Scott, who replaced John Cusack.