Chevy Chase hosted a Reddit AMA on Monday where he answered some much-anticipated questions on 'Commuinty' season 6.

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Chase, who played Pierce Hawthorne, in the comedy couldn't help but get questioned about the show and if he will ever have a role in it again. One eagar fan said the show just isn't the same without him and begged for a response to if Pierce will every make a comback.

"I will be in a small cameo at the beginning of Community and if they ask me to come back and do one or two appearances, it's a possibility," the actor wrote.

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When fans realized he would answer questions about the show, another asked what his experience on the show was like, and his answer wasn't the prettiest.

"It was very taxing, because we didn't get to move around a lot, and we would work 15, 16 hours a day sometimes, and right into early Sunday morning. So it was not easy work. I can tell ya. It's tough to cover 8 people around a table without moving the camera, moving the camera, moving the lights, it takes FOREVER, and you have to do it over, and over, and make it look fresh, so if people realized that - it can be very taxing and very tough work," he said.

Though Chase said he will appear in season 5, a rep for Sony Pictures Television, which produces Community, told TVLine that Chase "is not confirmed to appear in Season 6 at this time."

Chase left Community before season 4 even finished recording due to some issues with the showrunner and creator Dan Harmon.