Remember 'Queer Eye's AJ? He's Engaged, And The Fab 5 Are Ecstatic

AJ from Netflix's reboot of Queer Eye is officially out of the dating scene. The Atlanta resident who confessed to being gay in the show is now engaged to his boyfriend, Drey.

The Announcement

The official Twitter page of Queer Eye shared the lovely news on Thursday with a throwback video of AJ's episode in the show.

"Congrats AJ & Andre on your engagement," read the tweet.

The video is a mix of scenes from episode 4, "To Gay Or Not Too Gay," which shows AJ admitting about his sexuality to his stepmother. He also tells her that he has a boyfriend and reveals his plans to get married.

"Do you know I have a boyfriend? I am very happy. I just feel really good about him and I'm thinking about possibly getting married, maybe," AJ tells his stepmom during an emotional conversation.

Details about the engagement remain under wrap. It is unknown who went down on his knee and popped the "will you marry me" question. Likewise, the newly engaged couple has yet to reveal when and how the proposal happened. Perhaps Queer Eye can dedicate an episode that reveals intimate details about the proposal.

Naturally, the Fab 5 are excited over the engagement seeing how they know that Drey and AJ are a good match for each other. One of them even admitted that he loves seeing them together, and another complimented AJ's boyfriend and called him "a catch."

"Yay, what wonderful news!!!" Tan France tweeted, and Antoni Porowski replied to the engagement with "Couldn't be happier about this news congrats, boys!!"

'To Gay Or Not Too Gay'

Those who followed the Netflix show may be familiar with AJ's story. The Atlanta resident first appeared in episode 4 in Queer Eye, lauded as an episode that really sets the reboot apart from the original because it tackled social issues and explored the lives of those transformed by the Fab 5.

The episode also had its emotional moments, especially when AJ confronted the stepmother he has grown close to about his sexuality. He read her a letter meant for his deceased father. In that letter, he confessed to being gay and apologized for not coming out while his father was still alive.

"I thought it was important to tell you my truth: that I'm gay. I wish I could share this moment with dad and he could see how happy I am," an emotional AJ told his stepmother before he broke down in tears.

The episode ended merrily for everyone. AJ introduced Drey to his stepmother, and his friends and family got together for a mini party at his apartment. The acceptance alone was probably enough to convince AJ and Drey to get engaged.

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