Netflix Releases Year In Review Report, Outs Viewer Habits For 2017

Netflix published its annual Year in Review report on Dec.11, revealing that subscribers around the world watched more than 140 million hours of content daily.

Strange Viewing Habits

Every year, the streaming service releases its Year in Review, which brings to light some really weird viewing habits of its 109 million-plus subscribers and this year is no different.

The 2017 Year in Review report revealed that one viewer watched the 2007 animated flick Bee Movie a whopping 357 times between Nov. 1, 2016 and Nov. 1, 2017. To put things into perspective, that's nearly one screening of the film every single day.

The report also outed 53 subscribers who watched the Lifetime/Hallmark Christmas film, A Christmas Prince, every night for 18 nights in a row and the streaming service's official Twitter account wasted no time in shaming those 53 individuals.

However, the one we're still scratching our heads about, is the individual who screened Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl 365 days in a row, which is an incredible achievement, given that the average subscriber watched approximately 60 films on Netflix in 2017.

2017 Year In Review

Netflix's 2017 Year in Review has been broken down into four main categories.

These include shows that were most devoured; which is essentially the most binge-watched shows this year (watched more than 2 hours per day), most savored; shows that viewers took their time with to enjoy (watched less than 2 hours a day), show's that got users watched ahead of their significant others, and shows that were watched together as a family.

The report revealed that viewers binged on the true-crime satire American Vandal the most this year. We also found out that The Crown, which chronicles the life of Queen Elizabeth II, was the most savored show in 2017.

Meanwhile, Narcos was the number one show users cheated on their partners with while the breakout hit Stranger Things topped the list of shows that brought people together. Here's a list of the top-10 Netflix shows in each category:

The Shows We Devoured In 2017

American Vandal


13 Reasons Why

Anne with an E




The Keepers

The OA

The Confession Tapes

The Shows We Savored In 2017

The Crown

Big Mouth

Neo Yokio

A Series of Unfortunate Events


Friends from College



Dear White People


The Shows That Got Us Cheating In 2017


13 Reasons Why

Stranger Things

Orange is the New Black


Black Mirror

Marvel's The Defenders

Marvel's Iron Fist



The Shows That Brought Us Together In 2017

Stranger Things

13 Reasons Why

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Star Trek Discovery

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life


Fuller House

Chef's Table


Anne with E

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