Since 2003, Ellen DeGeneres has brought joy to millions of people around the world with her talk show by showcasing acts of kindness.

Surprising Jimmy Kimmel

DeGeneres welcomed the ABC late night host and future host of the 90th Academy Awards to her show. The duo talked about a plethora of topics including embarrassing himself in front of former First Lady Michelle Obama on DeGeneres' two-part birthday show and the upcoming awards show. DeGeneres admired his ability to showcase emotion when it came to talking about sensitive subjects such as the Parkland, Florida school shootings and his son, Billy's ongoing health battle.

"Genetic heart disease is what he was born with, and so he had to have two different operations. Of course, I became upset about this on national television. I am a crier, I do cry, I've been known to cry," Kimmel told DeGeneres in a conversation transcribed by USA Today.

DeGeneres then surprised Kimmel with a significant gift. The Finding Dory voice actress announced to Kimmel that the Children's Hospital in Los Angeles and DeGeneres have teamed up to name one of the rooms in the medical facility after Billy. Following the announcement, a camera operator from The Ellen DeGeneres Show zoomed into a plaque that read "In Honor of Billy Kimmel." She also pointed out that several of the nurses that worked with Billy and the Kimmel family were sitting in the audience.

DeGeneres' Good Deeds

Kimmel was not the only recipient of DeGeneres' generous acts of kindness. She reunited Selfie Kid, real name Ryan McKenna, with Justin Timberlake via phone line. McKenna gained worldwide popularity as the lucky kid who got a selfie with Timberlake as he was performing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. In addition to getting the chance to meet Timberlake adequately in Boston, DeGeneres partnered with the National Football League to give the McKennas a VIP experience with the New England Patriots.

When DeGeneres celebrated her 60th birthday celebration on the show, the talk show host gave the studio audience one gift that they would always remember. She surprised her audience with the announcement that they would be splitting over $1,000,000. In 2017, DeGeneres surprised Brooklyn's Summit Academy Charter School's senior class by revealing they each received a four-year scholarship.

Ellen's Memory Lane

Many fans will fondly remember seeing how Kimmel was moved to tears by DeGeneres's actions. In addition to surprising Kimmel, the talk show host brought on several celebrities for the excellent show making moments. Heidi Klum revealed when she visited the show that she intends to model when she turns 50-years-old. Another memorable show moment happened when Tiffany Haddish met her idol, Oprah Winfrey, and together with DeGeneres they cooked Haddish's "joyful greens."